CrackShield - Foundation Crack Repair System
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   CrackShield™ Advantage Foundation Wall Crack Repair System

CrackShield™ is a unique blend of two distinct processes, urethane injection and carbon fiber.

CrackShield™ seals a crack from water seepage and strengthens foundation reducing a repair failure. CrackShield is the only crack repair system that offers total protection.

Foundation wall cracks result from soil expansion, settling, shifting, or movement under the foundation footing. Wall cracks can occur horizontally, vertically, and diagonally in the wall. Each type of crack is an indicator of a different type of stress. Cracks can allow insects, soil gases and water to easily enter the basement or crawlspace.

CrackShield™- Dual Process Foundation Crack Repair System

  • Stop water seepage
  • Strengthen foundation
  • Add stability
  • Minimize soil gas entry
  • Reliability (15 year warranty)
  • Peace of mind

Insects, soil gases and water can easily enter the basement or crawlspace through openings in the walls or floors.


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