CrackShield - Foundation Crack Repair System
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CrackShield Foundation Wall Crack Repair System    
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CrackShield Foundation Wall Crack Repair System

It will also serve as a second line of defense against water leakage.

CrackShieldTM is the most technologically advance crack repair system on the market today.

15 Year National Backed Warranty.

Foundation cracks are typically caused by drying shrinkage or thermal movement and can cause minor problems. But over time, even minor cracks can grow larger and cause a loss of structural integrity or, more commonly, water leakage.

For many years, Poly Urethane Grout Injection was a typical repair for normal foundation cracks & pipe penetrations. How ever, due to wall movement and seasonal changes, contractors experienced some small percentages of failures. That is why we created our CrackShield Dual Process Foundation Crack Repair System.

CrackShield is a unique blend of two distinct processes, urethane injection and carbon fiber. CrackShield seals a crack from water seepage and strengthens foundation reducing a repair failure. CrackShield is the only crack repair system that offers total protection.


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